Monday, May 24, 2010

Pedophile Island (This Is Safe for Work)

Just when you think you have heard it all, something new appears. Last week, I found a rather peculiar article on the Huffington Post. Douglas Hughes, a Republican candidate for California Governor, proposed the creation of a "Pedophile Island." It is exactly what you think it is. Hughes wants to ship all people convicted of pedophilia to an island -Santa Rosa Island- for the rest of their lives. This is legitimate. He really believes this is a good idea. Don't believe me? It's on his campaign website. (I particularly love the use of capitalization mid-sentence; it's very reminiscent of hate group websites.)

To give the abridged version of the plan, he wants to get out a handful of pedophiles from prison and have them set up the essential services (government, police, firefighters, sanitation, roads, medicine, etc.) -assuming they know how to do those things- and they would lead the society for all of the people to come in as time progresses.

Here's the flaw with the plan: it does not differentiate between male and female pedophiles. If a male pedophile on the island and a female pedophile meet, one thing leads to another, add nine months (plus a few years), the situation that lead them to the island loops right back around (but, this time, in a controlled environment).

You cannot make this stuff up.

Monday, May 17, 2010

On The Night Before (in PA)

Editor's note: the author of this post has been a long-time Specter supporter

Tomorrow is the Democratic Primary race between Congressman Joe Sestak and Sen. Arlen Specter. For those of you that do not know, Sestak is a retired Navy Vice Admiral and Specter was a long-time Republican senator and used to be Senate Judiciary Committee (the ones who approve Supreme Court nominees to go to the Senate floor for a vote) Chair.

Rep. Sestak has been attacking Sen. Specter for switching parties in order to keep his job and saying how he (Sestak) has been a life-long Democrat, like in this add:

However, the clip is cut short:

For as long as I knew of Senator Specter, I have been a fan of his. I find myself to be an independent thinker and I have the ability to discern wolves in sheep's clothing. I knew for a long time that Senator Arlen Specter was a Democrat at heart.

I was in the audience when this video was taken (it was cut due to time purposes). The senator explained his reason for being a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and the story he gave. He grew up as the son of European Jews that escaped after the Nazis came to power. This was also during the midst of the Great Depression. The Senator's parents were both Democrats due to support of FDR's New Deal. Specter was raised in that same sort of mindset. Later in life, he decided to be a local district attorney with the promise that he would be a strong prosecutor. However, the local Democratic Party did not want a bulldog prosecutor to run with them. So, the Republicans took him with open arms. The rest was history.

Until, he voted for the Stimulus Package. He explained that being the son of poor immigrants, he saw the economic downturn the United States could have faced and knew how essential the Stimulus Package was to ensure there would never be another Great Depression.

This blog post has no real message except for that people should not look at a candidate based on party affiliation, but more on the experience, plans, and personal vision the person has for the position. Speaking as a New York City resident D and R are simply characters. If someone looked at Mayor Michael Bloomberg's stances on the issues, one would see that the only difference is merely a letter after his name