Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cardinal Newman Society: Hypocritical Advocates

Former NY Governor George Pataki is pro-choice on abortion. That is fact. Furthermore, Gov. Pataki is getting an honorary Fordham Doctorate this Saturday at Commencement.

The reasonable belief is that the Cardinal Newman Society has come out as pro-choice (or "pro-abortion") politicians speaking at Catholic schools. Even more so when they are getting honorary degrees. Yet, the CNS is silent on Gov. Pataki getting an honorary degree.

I myself, on my personal Twitter, have called out CNS about it. They have not yet responded in any fashion as of yet.

So President Obama (a Democrat) gets an honorary degree from Notre Dame and there is a huge uproar while Gov. Pataki (a Republican) gets an honorary degree from Fordham and there isn't even a press release about it?

I call on the Cardinal Newman Society to be consistent on their pro-life message and not play partisan politics on the issue of abortion (which it seems they are doing).